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Auphirah Fashion Collections are dedicated to provide top quality, innovative, affordable jewelry and accessories products featuring volumes of color with styles ranging from trendy, chunky, urban, tribal to formals.

Whatever your personal taste, we think everyone should be free to express who you are, without judgement and that's why we house a range of accessories perfect for your unique tastes. Whether you're into minimalism or you prefer making a bold statement whenever you walk into a room, we are the perfect resource to help you discover the ideal look. Whether you’re looking for handbags or totally unique jewelry, our thoughtfully designed pieces

Michelle Obama Black and White Bucket Hat

$ 24.5

Red Lace Wire Necklace

$ 35

Yellow Pearl Cleopatra Choker Set

$ 85

Obama Magazine Print Messenger Bag

$ 38

In addition to our commitment to innovation and fashion, we are dedicated to great customer service. We believe that customer satisfaction takes more than great products and our clients deserve to know we care about the quality of their items as well as the experience of buying with us. Just because you’re not buying from a flagship store doesn’t mean you’re

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Explore the new collections


Explore the new collections


Explore the new collections

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We strive to be one of a kind source for unique and inspiring jewelry and fashion accessories

Whether you want traditional pieces with a modern twist, contemporary pieces inspired by traditional prints and fabric or something completely unique, Auphirah Fashion Collections can help.

Black Leather 4 Pocket Fanny Pack

$ 26

Dozen Gold Metal 4 Hoop Sets

$ 2

Gold Glitter Multi-Pocket Backpack

$ 60

Navy Fanny Pack with Striped Waistband

$ 25




The Showstopper statement necklace with beautiful beaded details.  Would definitely purchase again.  Looking forward to the new collections

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We want to help you look your best no matter your price point. Whether you're looking for minimalist looks or bold statements, Auphirah Fashion Collections is a great destination for anyone trying to find pieces to help them express themselves. We take pride in being able to provide the tools that allow people to show their unique tastes and African inspiration no matter the occasion. Whether you’re looking to wow at formal events, let your colleagues see the best most confident you or just express yourself in casual looks, our pieces are the ideal place to start.