About Us

Auphirah Fashion Collections was established in early 2019 in the heart of Kansas City Missouri. We boast a huge collection of fashion jewelry, handbags and accessories made with love and motivated by a variety of cultural styles.

The cornerstone of our brand is our commitment to authenticity. Our pieces are inspired by the land of Auphirah (an ancient biblical name of Africa) once ruled by one of the matriarchs Hatsheba-sut and you can see this influence in everything we create.

We carry an extensive line of hand-crafted bags and jewelry. We are dedicated to providing top quality products in a wide range of available styles. Whether you’re into classic minimalism or you’re looking for the latest, trendy styles we have you covered. No matter your taste, Auphirah’s extensive collection of jewelry, handbags and sunglasses means you’ll find something beautiful, unique and perfect for you.

Our commitment to our customer satisfaction is why we’re so invested is having great service. We believe the happiness of our clients is the most important marker of our success and we endeavour to be your favourite place to find everything from luxurious jewelry to every day handbags to make you feel as confident as possible.

We believe that fashion is serious, which is why helping you source items that represent you, your ideals and your values is our priority. We want to help you look your best no matter your price point.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism so you can rest assured that your purchasing will be as stress and hassle free as possible. Should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re looking for a one of a kind online shopping experience, Auphirah Store could be your new favorite. With high quality products and great customer service, we are passionate about being a great place for our clients. Take a look at our collections and see what we have for you.